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Learn how to DJ, Emcee, Mix, & Scratch

Our classes are tailored to your needs. We can set goals and show you exercises and lessons for exactly what you want to achieve or you can pick from a list of classes. You can learn on controllers or turntables (it’s your choice).

How to DJ (The Basics)

This 6 class course provides everything the beginner DJ needs. The classes go over Equipment and music and then right into Weddings. The final class includes mitzvahs & kids games. This course is endorsed by The National Association of Mobile Entertainers.

Blending & Mixing

This ever evolving course focuses on how to mix and blend music as well as how to Beat Mix. The fundamentals of Cutting and scratching will also be covered.

Cutting & Scratching

Taking blending and mixing to the next level. You will learn different cutting and scratching techniques and how to improve your overall scratching skills.

DJ Kaoss

I enjoyed going to the classes and learning new things about being a dj and entertainer. Being a dj knowing how to mix and move a crowd is totally different than being the center of attention making announcements while playing music. It’s a whole different ball game and that’s what this school showed me. Greggie C left no stone unturned and was very thorough with the course material.. I learned a lot and I hope he’ll have me back to help with the next classes.

Mike (DJ Kaoss) Davis, NJ
DJ Young Fresh Prince

Professional, engaged, courteous, knowledgeable with years of musical experience, and a real dedication to the student’s overall growth is why we drive over 2 hours to class. DJ Young Fresh Prince has grown in so many ways since joining the school. Greg is an awesome teacher and mentor.

Thanks for everything you do!

LaVon S Thomas Sr., MD

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Our attention to service and quality has made us an industry leader. At The DJ Entertainment School, the customer always comes first, and we constantly strive to exceed your expectations. The first thing we do is ask what YOUR goals are and what YOU want to achieve!

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