Are you good at naming songs?

I am one of those people who can win at the game name that tune especially if it is from the 70’s thru the 90’s. I thought I was really good at naming songs till I found Wat Zat Song. Here is a site that helps others figure out exactly, what is that song? People either play a clip of the song or try to hum it, no sometimes the clips are real bad or they can NOT sign (But that is half the challenge). You can log in and create a profile and start guessing songs. You MUST guess the artist and Title. Here’s more about the site:

WatZatSong is a website that allows you to quickly find the artist and the title of a tune that you have in your head. WatZatSong is free and participatory: it relies on the music knowledge of its members, who can, by naming your tunes, show their talent and climb up the WatZatSong ranking!CLICK HERE to visit them or go to:

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