Line Dances and Teaching them

Line Dances are fun to do and a good way for a DJ to take it to the next level. When you stop to teach a line dance you are showing the crowd your entertainer side. There is a time and a place where you should stop and teach a dance. If everyone on the floor knows the dance then just dance along with them and possibly call out the dance steps (IF NEEDED) to help them along. If they look bad doing the dance or you get a poor response then it is an EXCELLENT Time to stop and teach the dance.

It would be a good idea to have a headset cordless mic if you are going to do this and engage the crowd a lot. If not a headset then a simple cordless microphone is a must! If you get a poor response to a line dance at the beginning it is ok to stop the song and get on the microphone and announce you are going to show everyone how to do the dance. There will be people that really want to learn and this is their opportunity.

Be clear when speaking and move slow at first making sure they can see you do the steps and hear you clearly. It is good to teach the steps without music in the background first and then start the song from the beginning as you dance WITH them on the floor. This way they will look at you for guidance. I also found it helpful to call out the steps for the first minute or so.

To dance on beat is not that hard. Think of beating a drum to the song. Now imagine that your feet are the drumsticks and as you step that creates the beat. This will help keep you in time. Think of a soldier marching, they call out LEFT – RIGHT & LEFT- RIGHT – LEFT as the soldiers feet hit the ground (This keeps them in time or sync). Once you master This you will be able to not only do but TEACH any line dance.

Each week we will try to post a Line dance of the week so you can teach your crowd how to do the steps and it will also give you extra activities to use at a dull party if they are needed.

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