Here are 3 options to open a dance floor at a wedding or to simply use during YOUR party.

Before opening any dance floor. Take the time on the microphone to introduce yourself and your company again and give the reason why your are there a round of applause BUT make sure you have everyone give the Hall and the Banquet Manager a round of Applause for an Excellent job they did with the meal.

Suggested Music for all three options (Older classic Slow Music)Always and Forever – HeatwaveCould I have this dance – Anne MurrayThrough the years – Kenny RogersWhat a wonderful world – Louis ArmstrongStill the one – Shania TwainWind Beneath my wings – Bette MidlerAmazed – LonestarAll my life – KC & JoJo
Option One:  Invite guests to dance (Wedding or Anniversary)
“Ladies and Gentlemen, the dance floor is now officially open. I ask that all of the married couples here tonight come on out and help open up our dance floor.”

Option Two: Anniversary Dance

  • Announce the dance floor is open.
  • Ask couples to come to the dance floor based on the amount of years that they have been married, Start with those couples married more than 25 years. Wait 30 seconds
  • Go back 5 years and ask for 20 years or more to come out to the dance floor. Wait 30 seconds
  • Go back 5 years each time and ask those couples Wait 30 seconds
  • Once you get pats 5 years ask all newlyweds including the Bride & Groom to join the dance.
  • Ask engaged couples to join in. (optional)
  • Those that date but feel like they are married or those living in sin if you can get away with it. (optional)
  • The remaining people sitting should be single, ask the men to pick a partner & come join the dance. (optional)

Option Three:Multiplication Dance

  • Have Bride & Groom on the Center of the dance Floor Dancing.
  • Invite Guests to come out and make a circle around the Bride & Groom.
  • Start Slow song and Have Bride & Groom dance for 10 seconds or so.
  • When you say “SWITCH” Have B & G break apart and find a new partner to dance with from the circle. Have them dance 15 to 20 seconds and say “SWITCH” again.
  • Have those 4 people find 4 new partners to dance with. Let them dance for 20 seconds and say “SWITCH” again.
  • Continue until everyone is dancing.

Stop by NEXT Tuesday where we will show you a 4th option to open a dance floor at a wedding or other parties Called “The Item Pass”

Please visit our Website for information on DJ Classes in-person or on line at

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