Sales and Selling Yourself

You sell yourself in many ways. The first is selling to your clients through advertising or Trade (Bridal) shows. All of this should be also funneled to your website which should also be built simple and informative and enough to close sales for you. In order to satisfy your customers needs you must find out exactly what they want and let them know exactly what you can offer them. Building a Q & A sheet for your business can help you and others sell parties for your company in the correct manner. Make sure all of your materials like business cards and brochures look real nice and they are not cheaply made because it says a lot about you and your company. It is all about appearance and first impressions. Be excited (even when you are not) when you talk to potential clients, talk to them with sincerity and make sure you can project to them that you really care about one of the most special days of their lives turns out. Make sure you can convey to them that you will be in control of the party while listening to exactly what they (your clients) want.

You also are selling yourself at every party. The way you look and act at a party will go a long way. When you have a successful party and your clients and guests love it you are more likely to get more repeat business. Make sure everyone can remember your name and the company you work for. Nothing is more embarrassing when someone tells a friend that, “I don’t know who he was or what company it was but boy did we have a great time”. Make sure if someone has an interest in you, that you give them a business card and/or brochure. Also you want to treat the guests with respect and if you can, play every request that you possibly can. With technology today, you can play/stream the song from your phone from many different sites like Youtube for example. Last resort if you do not have it or can not play their song make sure that you apologize in a professional manner.

Being as interactive at a party as you can will also go a long way in increasing your sales. Tasks as simple as coming from behind the dj booth to do introductions, announcements, traditional festivities, or party dances will not only help create a fantastic party but it will also help them remember you.

Finally you can also generate sales by working closely with the caterer or manager at your event. Working well with the videographer, photographer, Lighting, or photobooth at the event can also secure future events for you as well as long as you approach them and ask about partnering up (especially if you know they liked you and your performance). If you do an excellent job the night you work with them and make their job easier or even fun, they will want to work with you again. So in some cases it is is easier for a DJ to adjust to a last second change in plans than for a caterer with a kitchen and a waitress staff. Having made yourself willing to work with a banquet manager from the outset will make the day go more smoothly, so in other cases be as accommodating as you can, even with the videographers, photographers, oe other vendors. Because of this they will be more likely to refer you in the future. You can even offer these other professionals a finders fee or kick back for every party they send you that books so they can also make money.
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