Yearly Equipment check

Each year you should go through all of your stuff. Make sure your emergency bag has everything needed in it like extra adapters, cords, plugs, tape,batteries, aspirin, ect. You should also take this time to clean off your equipment and polish it up. Armor all works great for faded speakers especially plastic ones. Make sure you clean the dust off your mixer and controller if it has accumulated there. A clean looking set up says a lot about how professional you are. If your speaker stands are scratched up then add a coat of spray paint to them. If your speaker grills have worn spots then a sharpie can work well at coloring in the worn spots.

Go through your music and run a cleaner, ID3 tagger, MP3 gain, and defragment programs on your hard drive. This will clean the tags on your music (if you are a perfectionist). MP3 Gain is a program that will go through and normalize all of your music for you so one MP3 is not louder or softer than the others. It makes them all the same volume. It is also a good idea to check your hard drive for errors and defragment it as well. 

Check to make sure that all of your DJ software and operating system is up to date with the most current version. Your hardware or controller may also have a firmware update that is needed. You can check their websites for any updates you may need. You should also go through your computer and clean out any unnecessary programs on it to make it run as fast as possible (This should be done already hopefully).

You should update your website and social media accounts and any other online sites you have to be current with posts and today’s trends. You might even want to change things up a bt to keep it FRESH. Remember just like a car or house your Business needs to be maintained yearly (at lease) so it will perform its best.
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