Twist Contest

Suggested Music: ( The Twist & Let’s twist again – Chubby Checker, Peppermint Twist – Little Richard, Twist and shout – The Beatles)

  • Set-up: Have 5 of your business cards ready with the numbers 1 through 5 on them. You should come out of a slow set where the dance floor is full. Also, do not, under any circumstances, announce this is a twist contest. 
  1. Play The Twist and during the song go out and hand out each of the 5 cards to the wildest, most creative twisters. Simply tell them to hold on to the card. 
  2. Near or at the end of the song ask the 5 couples to remain on the dance floor, the rest should move off to the side. 
  3. Explain that these are the 5 best twisting couples and these finalists will dance one more twist so we can watch them dance and then pick a winning couple. Tell the couples to do their best and be as wild, fun, and creative as possible. 
  4. Play Let’s Twist again and somewhere 30 seconds in Line up all 5 couples on the dance floor and ask for a round of applause for each couple one at a time. Loudest round of applause wins. 

Hint: If you can’t decide between two couples or as an added bonus to the winners, have them dance to one more song. Play “The Stripper – David Rose” for fun and see what happens.

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