Class Reunion Party Tips

  1. Reunions Usually happen around thanksgiving weekend
  2. Normally Reunions happen at 5,10,15,20,25,30 years 
  3. Equip yourself with music from the particular year they graduated from as well as the four years that they were in High School.
  4. Read up on some trivia from their year of graduation such as special events, history of the music, political or sports events, your client may be able to provide you with some trivia tidbits from their years in school. Use this information to keep dinner interesting by having a lite trivia contest.
  5. Be prepared for the guests to start off doing a lot of talking. Remember, they are seeing people they haven’t seen in years and may want to do nothing but socialize. Be patient and don’t take it personally if they seem to want nothing to do with a DJ. It’s a great opportunity for you to play a lot of the “non-danceable” music from their era.
  6. Eventually you will get a busy dance floor, so make sure you’ve saved a “reunion power set” of the top songs from their school years. Be ready for the people to tire of nostalgia after a while as they begin to ask you to play more current music.

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