First impressions – Calling Client – Tips

Client Calls
You only get one chance to make a first impression. For DJs that chance is either when you book the client, meet them, or when you call them before the event. How you handle your call can tell a client a lot about your ability, confidence, commitment and, overall professional demeanor. While it is not as crucial as your actual performance, a strong phone call can make for an impressive first impression.
s a DJ for the better part of 25 years, I’ve made hundreds of client calls. Here are some tips I’ve discovered that help me start my relationship with my clients off on the right foot and better my chances of a tip and overtime.

  • Make your call no later than the Monday before the event if not earlier. A client that has to call you or your company looking for you has already formed that first impression.
  • Confirm all details, including the affair date and time. You never know when a client may decide to change their contracted time or may have done it on line and the information you have is old.
  • “If you were to envision the perfect party, what would it include me doing?” is a great way to find out what your client is looking for. You will usually find out what activities are expected as well as how lively you will need to be. If your client is a bit apprehensive about guest participation activities, search for their comfort level. Certain dances or activities may work where others may not.
  • The invocation (Blessing) and garter bouquet sequence seem to be two activities most often left out. Make sure you confirm them as well.
  • When to do the parent dances? After the first dance, after dinner, or during the cake cutting and garter bouquet?
  • Going over bridal party names and pronunciations is a good idea. Most DJs prefer to take care of them over the phone and then double check when they meet the bride and groom during cocktail hour. Others wait until cocktail hour when they meet with the bride and groom and go over the names, citing frequent order changes as their motivation to wait.

Tips and Overtime

  • You will have a better chance of a tip if….when confirming the balance due (if there is one), Refer to that money s the companies money rather than the client assuming it’s all yours. Indicate the balance is made out to the company you work for and everything else should be made out to the DJ.
  • You will have a better chance of setting up overtime if… follow the confirmation of the balance with the “additional charge of $xxx per half hour if you decide to extend”. Find out if the client has any intention of extending.

Your performance usually dictates your chances for a tip or overtime, but it is not a bad idea to at least plant that seed.
REMEMBER…a strong client call does not necessarily mean a long one. Cover the necessary points and details and be pleasant, upbeat, and professional.
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