The Dollar wine dance

How to do the The Dollar wine dance ( Dollar Wine Dance – Byron Lee)

  1. Get people in a circle and have them put their hands in the air and clap to the beat.
  2. During the chorus have them start by putting their hands on their hips. and when the following words are said the hips should be moved in that direction while hands are kept on hips the whole time.
  3. “Cent” – Move Hips to the right
  4. “Five Cent” – Move hips to the left
  5. “Ten Cent” – Move hips back
  6. “dollar” – thrust hips forward (have everyone yell “Woooo”

The Second chorus is done twice as fast.
“Big Money” when he sings, “ dollar, dollar, dollar”. Put hands on hips, spread feet apart, lean back a bit , and jump forward like you are going under a limbo pole to the beat of each time he sings dollar.
After Big Money encourage people to clap with hands in the air in the circle and invite certain individuals to dance in the center of the circle.

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