Circle Contest / Musical Chairs

  1. Have guests form a large circle alternating male and female. 
  2. Have men take two steps forward into the circle, turn around and face the women. 


  • When music starts the men circle to the right, women to the left. 
  • When the music stops, the man must hug the nearest women. 
  • Anyone without a partner is out. 

(Musical Chairs) Have men get down on one knee facing the women as if they were a chair. 

  • When the music stops the women have to sit down on the nearest mans leg (chair). 
  • Anyone without a leg/chair is out. 
  • Last two people left are your winners. 

Hint: When down to two couples, Have men stand back to back and blindfold them. Play music & have the women walk around them in a circle. When the music stops the women must stand still silently and the men must find the women. First two to hug are the winners.

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