How do I connect my computer to my Mixer or Speakers with NO usb soundcard or controller

Before controllers or usb sound cards DJs that used Virtual DJ , Mixx, or similar DJ programs needed a way to split the stereo sound to 2 mono sounds which could enable you to plug both channels into a mixer so you could cue or mix them.

See the cords below, in some cases when you use virtual DJ you need this cord and then 2 of the splitters below (3rd image). You also need to set your software. In Virtual DJ under sound card in the sound setup tab of settings select Mono separated. Above that under outputs select, Deck 1: left chan/ Deck 2 right chan

Virtual DJ audio settings

You need the cord above first to get standard sound from your (1/8 in)headphone jack or line out jack to the back inputs (RCA) of your mixer. This will allow you to connect a SINGLE stereo channel to your mixer. This channel can be used for windows media player, winamp, real player, or whatever music software you use. If you can hear it through headphones plugged into the jack then this cable when connected correctly to your mixer will work fine.

Now if you have a DJ software program that has 2 players or more, both players will play through this one channel unless you SPLIT the signal by using (2) TWO of the cords below. You will also have to set the program you are using to split the outgoing sound from one channel stereo to two channel mono (that’s player 1 to the left or right side and player 2 to the left or right side). when you hook it up this way and the channels are on the wrong side just flip the RCA Cable connections so the players will play in the channels you need.

There are also many different and very cheap usb external sound cards and DJ controllers avail on the market that come in many different shapes, sizes, and outputs Inputs so choose wisely. These usb sound cards allow you to independently control a different output or set of outputs.

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