Hopefully you will have the opportunity to DJ a company picnic in the summer.  I had one this past summer but unfortunately the heat was just too much.  because of the heat, however, the one element missing from this fine day fun was the dancing. It occurred to me about an hour into the gig they would have been better off with a stand-up comedian as entertainment because they simply sat back in their chairs, sipping their beer, and watched me play music. Realizing there’s not much entertainment value in watching someone play on their laptop, I figured I better try something outside the realm of a typical party.

 The first obvious question to ask yourself is “What can I do to entertain these people that doesn’t include dancing?” Trivia questions? Great idea, but you’ve got to do more than that. Try a “Let’s make a deal” bit where you ask people for items not normally found in the pockets of those from the area. For example: the first person to show me a Florida Driver’s License will win a prize. All good ideas, but I need something even more entertaining….  and then it hit me!

  • Invite anyone to the microphone who can imitate an animal. One person makes an attempt you will find others will follow. If it is real successful, you may have as many as 15 to 20 people showing off their best impression. Once you run out of contestants, line them up and give a prize to the one who garners the loudest applause. Incidentally, you should have the winner perform their impression again as an encore…  usually it will get a big laugh.
  • Another idea would be to make a contest out of encouraging people to dance. ‘The first person to dance to this song from start to finish will win…” Play songs such as “The Twist” or “Old Time Rock and Roll” which in turn may encourage others to dance or play some really odd songs like Lazy Mary (Chella Luna) or a polka – sure to get a laugh and many prove to be very entertaining.

Here are some other ideas, especially if dancing isn’t on their top priority list: 

  • Limbo contest –  old standard for kids and adults. Two volunteers to hold the pole or any cord and let them go. Prize the Lone Survivor.
  •  resurrect another old contest Like musical chairs. See some of our past posts on how to do more activities.

 Remember, even if they’re not dancing they will participate in the Cha Cha Slide and the Cupid Shuffle so don’t leave them out.

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