You only get one chance to make a first impression. And that one chance is usually when you make your client call. How you handle that call will tell a client a lot about your ability, confidence, commitment, and overall professional demeanor. While it is not as crucial as your actual performance, a strong phone call and make for an impressive first impression.

Here are some techniques I discovered and refined over the years, enabling me to start my client / disc jockey relationship on the right foot.

  1. Make your call no later than the Tuesday before your weekend event.A client that has to call your  phone looking for you may have already formed that first impression.
  2.  Confirm all details, including the affair date, time, and location. You never know when a client may decide to change their times were location.
  3.  “If you were to envision the perfect party, what would it include me doing?” Is a great way to find out what your client is expecting from you. You will usually find out what activities are expected, as well as how Lively or low-keyed you will need to be. If your client is a bit apprehensive about Guest participation activities, search for their comfort level. Married couples dance and Cha Cha Slide may be fine …. Chicken Dance and The Twist may not.
  4. The invocation or Grace and garter and bouquet  sequence seems to be two most popular traditional formalities to be left out. Find out if they are including them in their plans.
  5. Location of the parents dances as important as well. Will they will follow the first dance or follow the cutting of the cake. 
  6. Confirm the bridal party names included on your wedding checklist. If the client has not provided you with that information beforehand, have them email it to you or read the names to you over the phone. It is always wise to reconfirm the names and order when you’re lining up the bridal party.
  7. Finally confirmed the ending time of the party. And just in case there is going to be over time what your price will be. It is also a good idea to find out who the manager is at the event where you will be playing so you can confirm everything with them as well. 

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