First and Second impressions

First impression is having a clean organized DJ setup.My mother always said, you can judge a good man by the shoes he wears. She’d say, a man with polished shoes was himself organized, neat and had his act together. One with dir, old shoes, in her estimation, was one who didn’t have his life on track. These were clues to her and ways to be able to accurately size up a person within seconds. Now, whether or not we can lend some Credence to this is debatable; what’s not debatable is that most people form a lasting opinion of another within the first few moments. It’s their intuitive sense that looks for clues to help form these opinions. The way we comb our hair, tie or tie, iron or shirt or dress, and even how we set up our equipment at a gig can say a lot about who we are, or personality, and in the entertainment world, our professionalism.

Imagine you’re a guest at a wedding and you walk into the main ballroom and find yourself standing squarely in front of the DJ performing that evening. The first thing to catch your eye is a cluttered, disorganized mess of DJ equipment,  cords are all over the place, the speakers are on chairs or the table  and not on stands, lights are on the floor or table and look messy, the DJ’s clothes are wrinkled or he or she is not professionally dressed (for example wearing jeans or sneakers). 


Making your DJ set up an organized working area is a great way to promote your professionalism. Take what you have and make it work to your advantage. You are some hints:

  • If you have passive speakers make sure your amplifier is placed underneath the table.
  • Make sure your cable management is neat and tidy, use velcro strips to attach your cords neatly behind the speaker stands out of sight.
  • Make sure your clothes are cleaned and ironed before each event.
  • Make sure your speakers are on speaker stands at all times.
  •  Make sure your lighting system is on some sort of stand above the crowds heads that points down on the Dance Floor.
  • Make sure there is not a bunch of clutter, trash, drinks, or junk on your DJ tables.
  • Keep your equipment neat and clean. If your equipment sits, dust can accumulate on it and look bad. 

2nd impression – Sound Advice

My second impression comes with the sound of your music. We have a tendency to drive our speakers with too many highs and not enough Lowes. For those paying attention, that would be too much treble and not enough bass. And I think too many of us adjust our sound when we are behind our equipment instead of when we are in front. When standing behind your speakers you are hearing primarily all of the base and very little of the highs. If you adjust your sound from behind, you are adjusting it to sound good where you are and not where your crowd will be dancing.  what happens is your music sounds like it’s being played through an AM radio. My rule of thumb has always been this:  if my music sounds muddy, bassy and all around crappy while I’m behind my equipment then it is probably sounding great on the dance Floor.

A basic rule of thumb for your equalizer means it should always be set in a “smiley face”. Sometimes the right side (Trebel) should be set slightly higher than the middle line.

Add some spice with Party Dances

The Cupid shuffle: Although it has been around for a number of years now. It is still a fresh, new dance for most of the guests.

The YMCA Routine: Be the center of attention at your parties. put a chair at the front of the Dance Floor we’re just behind your DJ setup so that the crowd can see you teach them the YMCA the simple steps in between. Check out our past hosts on how to do the YMCA routine and many of the other party dances.Tha Cha Cha Slide or The Macarena – These favorites still work GREAT!

Please visit our Website for information on DJ Classes in-person or on line at

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