How to do the YMCA by The Village People)

  1. “Young Man” – Extend right arm out point to left and move in a tick motion about 6 inches at a time as you move hand 7 more times to the left (8 beat count)
  2. “Young Man” – Repeat with your left for 8 counts.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2
  4. “Ways” – Right arm extend straight up
  5. “To” – Left arm extend straight up
  6. “Have” – Right hand to left hip
  7. “A” – Left hand to right hip
  8. “Good time” Pelvic thrust 2 times
  9. Punch up in the air 5 times (beats)
  10. “It’s fun to stay at the” – Roll your hands down
  11. Form arms in the shape of Y.M.C.A. 
  12. In between YMCAs roll your hands to right and left

To change things up you can substitute steps 1 and 2 with:

  • Marching in place
  • The Lawn Mower – bend over and simulate pulling a lawn mower rope
  • The sprinkler – extend right arm out bending your hand back to your ear sticking your elbow out. Point out with other hand and move your elbow left and right like a sprinkler as you move to the left or right.
  • John Travolta – Point your finger in the air and bring down diagonally across your body and point to the ground for the 8 counts.
  • Make up your own moves!

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