The End of Summer or The Beginning of The School Year

Most people view the arrival of labor day as the unofficial end of summer. Most disc jockeys however, see it as the beginning of the fall wedding season. While it is true that we perform at many weddings during this time as in the springtime, this season also has its share of other parties, including SCHOOL DANCES.

Talk to five disc jockeys and you will get five different opinions of school dances. Some say they are easy. Some say they are the most difficult. Some will tell you the music is most important while others feel activities make the dance a success.

The truth is that all of these viewpoints are right. Since you can’t predict exactly what the students will respond to, the best advice is to be prepared for anything.


If you want teens to dance, you’ve got to tune in to what they like. Generally they choose to dance to the current popular hits. Listen to the local top 40 Radio station or just visit their website for their playlist to get an example of what the hottest songs are. When you call your client, ask if the students prepared a list of songs for you and make the effort to bring them with you. Of course you can always ask your fellow DJs for suggestions. They will tell you to play some of yesterday’s hits as well as classics.


Your selection of activities will vary based on the age group you are dealing with as well as the groups overall opinion of such activities. When speaking to the client, talk to them about previous dances to find out more specific information about the students. Were a lot of activities done? Were the students receptive to them? You will find that in almost all cases you will hear reports that the activities were the hit of the party.

Use your “people skills” to make the following activities fun for students. The Cha Cha Slide, The Cupid Shuffle, The Wobble, a choo choo train, the twist, multiplication dance, and even the Chicken Dance can all be successful if you, once again, try to “tune in” to the students!

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