Limbo Contest

Suggested Music: Limbo rock, let’s limbo some more – Chubby Checker, Hot hot hot – Buster poindexter, Any Reggae song.

  • Find 2 volunteers to hold the Limbo pole 
  • Ask for a spotter to help people under 
  • Demonstrate proper technique under limbo pole. 
  • No Ducking under 
  • No touching the ground 
  • No knee touching 
  • No butt touching 
  • No touching the pole 
  • Eliminate those not doing the limbo correctly. 
  • Lower the pole as the contest goes on until you are down to the last person. The last person must successfully go under the pole at the level where the second to the last person was unable to do. 
  • Give a round of applause for the winner. 
  • You may wish to pick a winner for boys and girls or men and women.
  • You may wish to ask a guest officiate with you.

Please visit our Website for information on DJ Classes in-person or on line at

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