Conga Line or Choo Choo Train

(Conga – Gloria Estefan/Hot hot hot – Buster Poindexter/ Follow the leader – Byron Lee/ Locomotion or ride the train)

  1. Pick a leader for the conga line or choo choo train (Bride, Groom, Best man, bridal party, craziest guest, or YOU)
  2. Tell or lead them to go and weave in and out of the tables and to pick up those sitting down or doing nothing and have them join in.
  3. You can even have the conga line leave the room when appropriate.
  4. Have the line return to the dance floor before the song is ending and have them make a circle, if it is a long song have 2 people come in to the center of the circle dance and then switch the two out by telling them to switch after 30 seconds.
  5. At the end if in a circle you can do the Chicken Dance, Dollar Wine dance, or Apache or even a limbo if needed cause you still have a line.

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