Country Line Dancing

If you have an event that requests a lot of country music or even possible some country line dances then read on. There are now hundreds of country line dances that you can learn and do. It all started off in the early 90’s with The Achy Breaky Heart line dance. This dance is done to the song Achy breaky heart by Billy Ray Cyrus. It is similar to The Electric Slide that also came out around the same time. The big difference is that there are many more steps involved in the Achy Breaky and it can sometimes be too much for a drinking crowd to learn.

The FREEZE is another country line dance that is probably one of the easiest line dances to learn as well as teach. This dance is explained below along with a list of suggested music. The Achy Breaky line dance is much more involved but we will also give a brief outline here below as well.
If you make the effort to learn these dances, you will find it pays off with more fun, new skills, better parties, and increased referrals. Country line dancing can be a fun way to make your parties more fun and diverse so put on your country hat and dancing boots and join the fun.

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