The Client Call (One month prior to event)

A great time to call your client to go over everything before their event  it’s about a month before the event date. You should have already had a face-to-face meeting, talked on the phone, messaged on social media, or possibly emailed them about the specifics of their event. This is the meeting where you will simply confirm everything that is supposed to take place at their event. If this is a wedding you should have sent them forms to fill out regarding the introductions, timeline, and music requests. This will help make the call go smooth and hopefully pretty fast. Here is what you should do for your client call.

You are going to want to develop an outline of what will happen the day of the event.  The outline can be created by asking your client a bunch of questions. Make sure you write down these questions so you can add them to your outline.  Here are some examples of what to ask.  First get the basics right. Confirm the date, day, time, and location! Picture framing location make sure you identify possible surrounding landmarks and cities so you don’t go to a duplicate venue or city. (believe me this has happened!

Another important thing to ask is what the formal dances will be. What is the first dance, father daughter, mother son, and any introduction songs. Make sure you have the correct song versions! You can also go over the list of bridal party members you will be introducing at the beginning of the reception for the introductions. Also ask how to phonetically say the names and write it down phonetically (Pho-net-ick-lee). You also want to ask the bride and groom exactly how they want to be announced. There could be different variations like mr. and mrs., the happy couple, or simply Joe and Sally.

When you go over the music selections that your client wants to hear. Do not forget to go over cocktail and dinner hours if applicable. A good rule of thumb is you can only play 15 songs in an hour if those songs average four minutes each. That would equal about 60 songs in a four hour event. If your dinner hour is one of those four hours that will only leave you with three hours of dancing. Now you are down to about 45 songs for that 3 hour event. A simple rule would be to ask your bride for up to 25 to 30 songs for a 4-Hour event.

 Some final questions you may want to ask would be: What is the name of the banquet manager and  the contact number of the venue or caterer if they have it.  If not you can look it up online. What is the attire especially if it is not a wedding.  Make sure you ask the client or caterer if they will be providing you with a table within 25 ft or less of an outlet  and that you are undercover if outside. Not all of these questions will reply to you but hopefully they will be a guide to help make your client call go as smoothly and as fast as possible. 


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