Game/Activity of the week

Greetings fellow entertainers. We are starting a weekly game/activity posting that will be posted 8AM every Friday which we will dub the game of the week. Hopefully these will give you ideas you can use at certain events (if you need to use them). This week we will start off with a very simple game/activity that can be used for ALL ages THE FREEZE DANCE.

This is how it is done.

Get contestants on the dance floor and explain these rules.

You are going to play a great dance song and when the music stops and you yell FREEZE, everyone needs to stop in mid-motion and stay frozen in place until the music starts again. If anyone moves then they are determined OUT. I suggest you have a parent, chaperone or assistant help you determine who is out so you are not the bad guy. I sometimes take the first person out and make them a judge/assistant and have each person counted out join them as a judge so now you are not the bad guy and don’t even have to look at the dance floor.

You keep freezing the dance floor multiple times until one person is left and that person is your winner.

Come back each Friday at 8AM for another GAME


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