Game of the week – Musical Scavenger Hunt

Get 5 or 6 chairs or more and line them in front of the DJ or on the dance floor. Get contents for each chair and explain the rules.

You are going to ask them to find an item from the crowd or in the room and then say go. (play a song while they are getting the item you requested) Remove one chair while they are gone. The last one back with no chai is eliminated.

Then do another item, and another until you are down to the final two chairs and contestants, and then a winner. Pre-determine the items so you don’t have to make them up on the fly.

Make them simple enough so they can be likely found in just a few seconds. For Example: A colored sock, an item with a Nike symbol on it, a hair band, a school id card, a drivers license, a brush, a certain coin, a baseball cap. Let them know it can’t be something of their own, they have to retrieve it from someone or somewhere else.

Check back each Friday at 8AM for another Game.


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