Snowball Dance

Everyone forms 1 big circle and you choose a small number of girls or boys, or both (the number should be approximately 1/10 of your total group number.) For example you pick 4 people out of a group of 40. Those 4 people go to the middle of the circle. When the music begins (you can play a fast song or a slow song BUT a FAST song is better sometimes) the 4 in the middle go to the outer circle to ask someone to dance. These 4 couples dance in the middle of the circle until you yell SNOWBALL on the mic. (give them about 45 seconds before you do this) Then those 4 couples or 8 people go to the outer circle and ask someone else to dance. Give it another 45 seconds or so and yell SNOWBALL a couple more times to let them mix a little, and then begin again, picking a different group being in the middle. We are having a middle school age dance party that looked like it would be the typical boys on one side and the girls on the other side until we started this game.


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