How to do a closing


Step one

15 minutes before the end of the party.

After a fast set.

Thank all other services at the end of the 1st slow song

Bring Bride & Groom up to the dance floor to dance. Say that each couple that joins them on the dance floor adds another year of good luck to their marriage. Or simply ask EVERYONE to join them on the floor a couple times.

Example wording: “Well it looks like the clock is telling us that we have to bring the party to an end. I do have a couple of songs to play, but before I do there are a couple of people I would like to thank. First of all the management and the staff here at ___________________, especially your waiters, waitresses and your bartenders, and your banquet manager ________________. Right now I would like to invite the Bride and Groom to the dance floor and to start our last slow song of the evening. We have a saying here, that every couple that joins the bride & groom on the dance floor for the last slow dance, it will add another year of success and happiness to their marriage. So with that said, let’s have everyone join us on the dance floor for a beautiful song _________________.”


Step two

End with a fast song.

Towards the end of the song, thank the client for having you there, wish the bride & groom well, tell all to drive carefully, and say goodnight.

Example wording: “Once again my name is ____________ from ____________, and I hope everyone had a great time tonight. I know I did. I would like to personally congratulate ______________________ and __________________ and wish them all the best. Right now I ask that you all drive carefully. I hope to see you all again, Good night and take care.

Break down and clean up your area, visit with client and banquet manager (make sure you give them your business card) and say goodbye and goodnight to everyone and leave the venu.

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